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CANM11161715 aAa 426 A2A2
Garret x Shottle x CHAMPION x Storm x Grand x Aerostar x Mark
Bred by: Mapel Wood Holsteins, Jerseyville, Ontario and O’Connors Land & Cattle Co., Ajax, Ontario

BREWMASTER is the poster boy for genomics, ranking as the #1 GLPI progeny-proven sire in Canada for April 2015! BREWMASTER’s dam, Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi, debuted at #2 GPA-LPI as a two-year-old for owners Mapel Wood Holsteins and O’Connors Land and Cattle Co. when the first official release of genomic females occured in Canada. Simultaneously Bombi’s Baxter and Bolton daughters ranked #3 and #4 GPA-LPI on the heifer rankings, confirming her transmitting ability. Bombi was flushed to high GTPI-ranking and newly proven sire Garrett which resulted in BREWMASTER and his full brother, 250HO1026 BAROMETER. They have continually ranked as the #1 and #2 GPA-LPI and GTPI sons of Garrett in the breed. BAROMETER was born seven months after BREWMASTER and his offspring will start to calve in coming months. In December 2011, BREWMASTER debuted at #12 on the CDN Active Genomic Bull list confirming his elite rank among the breed hopefuls. He would also rank among the highest bulls in the world on the French ISU creating global demand. 250HO1116 BUBBLES is his highest ranking son on GPA-LPI in December 2014 and hails from 250HO1010 LEXOR’s full sister!

On April 2, 2015 Bombi was rescored Excellent (94) with a 95 Mammary at nine years, four months of age for current owners Siemers Holsteins in Wisconsin. This same exceptional conformation was transmitted to BREWMASTER as he is Exellent (93) with more points left in him. Bombi currently is a 14 star brood cow with Holstein Canada and her first proven son 250HO993 BOULDER landed at #7 GLPI as the highest new release for GenerVations in December 2014. Bombi comes from a daughter of 250HO803 CHAMPION - Gen-I-Beq Champion Bambi (EX 4*); whose full sister Gen-I-Beq Champion Bally (EX-95 8*) was reserve All Canadian junior three-year-old in 2007. His third dam is Braedale Baler Twine (VG 33*), also the mother of the legendary Goldwyn.

BREWMASTER exemplifies genomics in action having identified an exceptional young cow in Bombi, who was mated with top genomic progeny proven sire to produce offspring who were selected based on their exceptional genetic profile.

Brewed (verb) to make or prepare; to concoct; to contrive; plan or bring about.

High genomic predictions...

High progeny proven results...

Backed by an exceptional, high scoring cow family!